Friday, March 23, 2012

Video conference


On Friday 9th March our first student videoconference took place. Nine groups of pupils from all country partners communicated among them for the first time without knowing each other first. Despite the unsurpresive initial shyness of kids and some connection problems, the videoconfernce was a success. Each group talked for some time with the rest of groups. The topics of conversation were simple; they talked about themselves, their age, names, the weather, the visit to Poland, football, said "hello" to exhaustion, and gesticulated hearts with their hands, there will be for sure other experiences that reporters don't know. The videoconference lasted a long hour. According to the information received from local coordinators, Comenian students enjoyed this experience a lot. They want to repeat, their classmates want to try it and those who went to Ambert want to contact through videoconference with the Comenius friends they made there. This "healthy jellowsy" is a symptom that an important objective of this project is being achieved: Students wish to communicate!!! Let's water this plant.

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