Monday, December 26, 2011

Baba Achour, The Moroccan Santa Claus

In the tenth day of the Muharram holy month, the first one in the lunar calendar, people celebrate in Morocco and other Muslim countries the feast of Achoura, a festive day related to childhood since last century, This day has an undoubted social and spiritual relevance. It is a day for sharing, charity and help to the poor. Children show their joy and delight, wearing their new clothes and adornments. It is also traditional that people visit the cemeteries or share out sweets. This holiday has a carnival look about it: firecrackers, spraying people passing by with water, and so on. Traditionally, children are given toys and presents, and families eat gueddid couscous. In the Achoura day children look forward the visit of Baba Achour, a character born from an old popular legend which represents what he looks like: The Moroccan Santa Claus.

Our moroccans pupils wish you Merry Christmas!

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