Friday, December 16, 2011

Christmas in Bulgaria

In Bulgaria celebration begins on December 24 - Christmas Eve (Little Christmas). Throughout Bulgaria Christmas leave. In carolling involved only boys. Small Christmas day in orbit on 24 December, armed with cornel sticks - surouvaknitsi and bags, they rattled in doors, entering houses and sing "God was born, Christmas!". The hostess gave them with rings, nuts, a piece of bacon or black pudding. Adult Christmas leave after dinner. Collect a corps of a dozen people. One is the leader - or rebel kudabashiya, another is set to carry the gifts - he's back with saddlebags. The driver is chosen well before Christmas. Must be experienced to know carol blessing and all Christmas songs that are in places to 80 in number. On Christmas Eve Masses are special bread with mesh and the end of the same dough figurines are made of pigs, cows, sheep wagon, etc., which are baked with the bread. He before roast refers to the Church of pop hits to his special stamp. Prepare vegetarian dishes - beans, lentils, cabbage, peppers stuffed with dried onions and rice, cabbage soup with chopped leeks in it and pieces of dry chillies. Christmas Eve is the last day of the 40-day Advent. So dinner is rich (5, 7, 9, 11, etc. dishes and food), but very lean (beans, cabbage leaves stuffed, cabbage soup, boiled or roasted pumpkin and coconuts with oil, dried fruits, sweetened with sugar or copper). Christmas dinner is also rich, but her meat dishes predominate as kavarma, kebabs, steaks, burgers, leaves stuffed, sausage or stuffed pig.

Hristina Ivanova.

Merry Christmas from Bulgaria!

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